Oppo R1001 eMMC File Tested

Hi all, today I want to share the oppo r1001 eMMC flash files / firmwares tested many times, this file was back-up by admin usage the Ufi-Box , and I hope you could using the ufi box for this files. Those files really important for partition of Oppo R1001 [Joy] eMMC. Other name as eMMC Files Dump.

Below are the files informations about Oppo R1001 Files:

* MTK Preloader detected form files :
 Found 4 supported eMMC CID:
 [SK Hynix] XINYH 90014A20 58494E59 48xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
 [Samsung] NJS00M 1501004E 4A533030 4Dxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
 [SK Hynix] H4G1d 90014A48 34473164 04xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
 [Toshiba] 004G90 11010030 30344739 30xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Here files position on the UFI Box eMMC Tool :
gsm aceh
Here the direct link download with 4shared for the eMMC Files :

Download File | File Size : 800MB | uploader : Gsm Aceh | no password | Via 4shared

I hope using the files can fix oppo eMMC problem like : bootloop, stuck-on-boot, wipe data and cache failed, vibrate only after flash, and for all oppo joy [r1001] eMMC Problem. But using the files need Ufi Box software using the Direct ISP. 
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Oppo r1001 isp pinout

Always DWYORK.

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