How to get full root access for android smartphone

Tell about android rooting, suddenly we think so easily root for any android smartphone, just download or installing an application root, then get the root android system.
But today I wanna tell if there is not at all android can do like this.

Learn more how to easy root with kingroot suggestion by => learn more how to root.

Some android version must have 2 application / softwares for get full accsess rooting.

1). Busy_Box.apk
busy box
Busy box is really inportant software for get root access fully. Busy box installed after android smartphone have been root. Busy box.apk  can found in play store => Download Busy box.apk.Busy box apk need where ever we must to deep access for android system like to charge imei android caused damage when resetting default.

2). adbdSecure.apk

adbdSecure is an software for get connect to computer where we must to need access with adb.
adbdSecure.apk cand found by download in play store android => Download adbSecure.apk.
To use this one just instal, open application then click adbd secure access.

Okay, maybe just it can tell for all where some user maybe need my article about.

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